Goodbye Days

Good bye, lonely days

I’m going to change


It’s hard pretending not to notice now

I’m going to be honest with myself


Good bye days, the days when I was anxious and all alone

Over beyond the sky, so long


I’m different now, I’m going to start everything over again

Good bye days, I’ve changed now


Everything is a new, all right

It’s not like yesterday, I’ve started everything over again


6 Responses to “Goodbye Days”

  1. indobrad Says:

    Happy new year, bro

  2. Alris Says:

    Happy new year 2012, kawan.

  3. dhodie Says:

    Hey you!
    Met taun baru! 🙂

  4. Iman Says:

    Met tahun baru ya, apakah ini artinya gelar sebagai Mr Galau akan dicopot? *penasaran episode selanjutnya* #apaseh

  5. mirma yudha Says:

    happy new yearrrrr mr.galau 🙂

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