Born to be a Man (from me to myself)

Surely everyone has traveled through their lives searching for what they want

Like seeds gathered by tiny hands, becoming sturdy trees


No one’s found the answer yet

Maybe I know, you know

Born to be a man


The reason why the flowers smell sweet

The reason why the birds sing

The reason why the wind shines

The reason why the moon revolves


The reason why I convey my love to you like this

It’s all so you can love someone someday

The hope is love

Love is all


The things that are truly important can’t be seen or touched

That’s why no matter how great or heavy they are, you can walk easily carrying them


Even on nights when you can’t hear anything

Promise I’m here, you hear?

Born to be part of the world


The reason the flowers wither

The reason the feathers fall

The reason you face into the wind

The reason the night surrounds you


This is how you will grow strong

So that someday you can protect someone

The hope is love


Even if right now you’re a tiny boy without any power

I hope that someday you can become strong


Although right now even the smallest dreams can’t be granted right away

Surely they will in time


credit : SNSD